We show up for our clients

Photo by Robert Bye via Unsplash.com  

Not everything happens in the clinics. We represent many clients in Detroit area courts facing a variety of issues.

This week Kevin, our principal attorney, was in court in Lincoln Park to stop the eviction of a single mother of three. Often the presence of an attorney makes all the difference in presenting a case that the court will hear.

Most of the time, in most courts around the country, decisions are made based on the facts presented fairly and according to the law. But the quality of that presentation can make all the difference. Having an attorney present your case means having the benefit of an education in the law and the confidence that comes from experience in courtrooms. Without our help, many more people would be left to defend themselves without the knowledge or experience that could keep them in their home through the Holidays.

Kevin succeeded this week in keeping our client in her home through the Holidays and into the new year. She knows she will ultimately need to leave but we were able to buy her four more months to figure things out just by showing up and negotiating.

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