We Build The Wall event tonight in Detroit

We Build The Wall town hall in Detroit: What you need to know

Tonight, a group of conservative political activists is holding a town hall meeting in Detroit to promote a crowdfunding campaign to build a privately funded wall on the southern border.

We don’t want to cut the United States off from our neighbors. We believe that whatever the challenges faced by other nations, the US should not punish vulnerable people fleeing violence, degradation, and persecution.

If you want to put your money to better use than building a wall around the United States, help us fight for justice for immigrants and refugees here, now in our own communities.

Our American values tell us that everyone deserves a fair chance of seeing justice done. That’s why we represent the most vulnerable people in our communities and enable them to fight for their rights.

Above Photo: Supporters applaud at the start of a broadcast during a “We Build The Wall” town hall at the Netherland Hotel in downtown Cincinnati on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Sam Greene, The Enquirer

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