Our Legal Clinics are Open to All

This week, like every week, we saw a wide variety of people at our legal aid clinics. We are unique among legal service providers in the Detroit area in that we welcome all at our clinics. Many free legal clinics have a couple areas of law that they will help out with. Some have criteria that clients need to meet before they can talk to an attorney. 

We ask people their name and what their issue is. We help everyone. You don’t have to be a recent immigrant. You don’t have to show a certain low level of income. We will see anyone who presents themselves for help at one of our clinics. This makes us the only no-barrier provider of legal services.

Even though the law is quite broad I find that we are able to successfully provide real legal help to 90% of the people who come to our clinics. We have one full time attorney on staff, one part time attorney and about a dozen volunteer attorneys who donate their time at our clinics, each with their own area of practice. At any one time we have an impressive breadth of experience available to our clients. 

For any issues which we are not equipped to serve we are happy to refer to trusted partners. Most often this is for clients who need representation we are not equipped to provide. Medical malpractice an personal injury suits come to mind as an example. Often these cases require a lot of specialized knowledge and capital to invest in retaining expert witnesses. Many attorneys who represent these cases take a portion of their fee from the settlement that they win their clients. There are some unscrupulous practitioners out there who see their clients as a chance to make a lot of money. Talk to us first, we’re happy to refer you to someone trustworthy.

We’re out there three times a week because we believe that equal treatment under the law should be something that everyone receives. We are here to help, regardless of who you are or what your legal issue is.

Pontiac Legal Clinic

99 Wayne St, Pontiac

Tuesdays, noon – 5 pm

Southwest Legal Clinic

2826 Bagley St, Detroit

Wednesdays, noon – 7 pm

Eastside Legal Clinic

15491 Maddelein St, Detroit

Thursdays, noon – 5 pm

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