2019 Annual Report

We are proud of what we were able to accomplish together in 2019! In our five years, we have never had a year when we’ve helped so many people on such a variety of legal issues. This trend has continued into the first part of 2020 when we were seeing almost 60 client families per week!

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‘Legal issues’ always feels too small to describe what SWIRC does for our clients. Each week we help people who are seeking asylum in the United States, who are seeking to reunite with family on the other side of the world, or just trying to keep their heat turned on. These are essential needs that have a profound impact 

We don’t give clients any guarantees of success when they come to us. What we do offer is the hope of help and the dignity of knowing that, whatever their legal challenge is, they were listened to and taken seriously. Many in our client community are told that they don’t qualify; that because of where they come from that help is not meant for them. We ask not where they come from or how much money they make, only how we can help.

You can help too. Especially now, we have not stopped working for our clients. Unfortunately, we have had to change how we do it. We’re meeting with clients online via video chat and still showing in court for our clients when they need us. We need your support to keep showing up where it makes a real difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees. 

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The Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center provides free and low-cost legal services to those who need them most in the Detroit area, with a focus on recent immigrants and refugees.

We were founded in 2014 by Kevin Piecuch, our Executive Director and principal attorney, to help meet the great need for quality legal services in underserved communities. We believe that everyone deserves justice regardless of your country of origin, the color of your skin, or your ability to afford an attorney.

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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